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    • Member State: Sweden
    • Title: Internet publishing and social media – A legal guide
    • Subtitle:
    • Type: book
    • URL:
    • Author: EDMAR, M
    • Reference: Edmar, Malin, 2015 -. - Internetpublicering och sociala medier - En juridisk vägledning, 2015, 5th ed., Norstedts Juridik AB
    • Publication Year: 2015
    • Keywords: advertising, internet
  • Directive Articles
    Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, link
  • Headnote
    Internet publishing and social media is an overview of the current legislation within this area and, inter alia, summarizes case law of current interest. The book discusses, inter alia, marketing on the internet, copyright and trademarks on the internet, integrity and personal data, freedom of speech, agreements regarding internet services and products and procedural matters.

    The book is intended for those who work with the Internet, online services or digital products or services in general.
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