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Publication of official announcements


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On which website(s) are official announcements published?

Kuulutusrekisteri (announcement register)

Virallinen lehti (Official Gazette)

Which types of announcements are published?

The announcement register is updated with information about announcements based on decisions by courts or authorities concerning:

  1. public summonses:
  2. proof of debt in bankruptcy;
  3. commencement of reorganisation proceedings;
  4. merger, demerger or division of funds of a joint-stock company, or other measure or decision referred to in the legislation on communities and foundations, which must be announced in the Official Gazette; or
  5. bailiff's announcements.

The Official Gazette publishes the notifications, announcements and other documents that are required to be published in the Official Gazette by an act, decree or other decisions issued by a lower court.

From which organisation(s) are announcements published?

The announcement register is updated with information about public summonses issued by district courts, as well as proofs of debt in bankruptcy or reorganisation. Announcements made by other authorities which are added to the register include public summonses issued by trade register authorities, announcements of mergers and demergers of companies and announcements related to the sales of distrained assets published by distraint authorities: discussion about division of assets, forming of creditors' agreements and correspondence with creditors.

The Official Gazette publishes notifications, announcements and other documents issued by various organisations.

Is access to the official announcements free of charge?

Announcement register: yes

Official Gazette: PDF copies have been free of charge since 2011. A database maintained by Credita is subject to a charge:

One user, price per licence: EUR 185 pa, 2–5 users, price per licence: EUR 135 pa, over 5 users, price per licence: EUR 115 pa

What types of searches can be made?

Entries in the announcement register can be searched using the following parameters:

Announcement type

Subject of announcement

Business ID / date of birth / year of birth

Due date


Case number issued by district court

An unrestricted keyword search is available in the paid database of the Official Gazette.

As of which date were the official announcements available in electronic format?

Announcement register: 1 April 2004

Official Gazette: since 2011

Can searches be saved and notifications sent when criteria are met?

Announcement register: no

Official Gazette: Searches can be saved and notifications received via email when using the paid database.

Are the official announcements freely available as open data? If so, where can the repository and/or technical information be found?

Not available as open data.

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