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Business registers in EU countries


On this page you will find information regarding the options available for consulting business registers in France.

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What do business registers in France offer?

Local business and companies registers (registres du commerce et des sociétés - RCS) are kept by registrars of the commercial courts and of the civil courts with commercial jurisdiction (district courts in the administrative départements of Bas-Rhin, Haut-Rhin and Moselle; and mixed commercial courts in the overseas regions and départements). The information in these registers is checked. The registrars must verify that the statements comply with the laws and regulations, that they correspond to the supporting documents and documents attached as annexes, and that – in the event of a request for amendment or removal – they are up to date. They also verify that the ways in which commercial companies are constituted, or the changes made to their statutes, comply with the laws and regulations that govern the companies.

The trade register (Kbis) extract issued by the registrars is the true ‘ID card’, showing the civil status of a business recorded in the business and companies register. This document assembles all the information that a business must declare. Where necessary, it also contains comments on the notes made by the registrar responsible for maintaining the register. The trade register extract attests to the legal existence of the business and provides verified information. It is the only official document testifying to the identity and address of the registered natural person or legal person, their activity, their management, administrative or supervisory bodies, and whether or not collective proceedings have been brought against them. Only the official document issued and signed by the court registrar has the authentic information provided by the company to the business and companies register.

A national business and companies register (registre national du commerce et des sociétés - RNCS) is kept by the National Institute for Industrial Property (Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle - INPI), which brings together the documents, qualifying as originals, from the business and companies registers kept in each registry.

These registers contain all the information concerning traders and companies. They give access to all the entries and documents in the business and companies registers.

The Infogreffe website provides centralised access to information in the business and companies register. The service is offered in French and English.

The website of the National Institute for Industrial Property makes it possible (using the name of a company and a SIREN number) to obtain a copy of a document – or of the full file – lodged with the national business and companies register.

Is access to a business register free of charge?

Users of the Infogreffe site can access certain information on businesses listed on it free of charge, but most of the information in the database can be obtained only for a fee.

It is also in return for a fee that the National Institute for Industrial Property distributes documents (or the full file). It can do this by mail or via the online shop on its website.

How to search a business register in France?

On the Infogreffe website you can search for a business by:

  • its name,
  • the name of its directors and administrators,
  • the town or administrative département where it is domiciled or has its headquarters or where it has its business units,
  • its SIREN number (Business Register Identification System - Système d’Identification du Répertoire des Entreprises),
  • its registration number in the business and companies register.

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