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On which website(s) are official announcements published?

National Printing Office (Ethnikó Typografeía): announcements are published in the Government Gazette (Efimerída tis Kyvérnisis).
Bodies that have items printed by the National Printing Office pay a fee against the relevant costs or provide the consumables used. The costs are determined by a permanent three-member committee of officials of the Office set up for the purpose; the members are designated by the Special Secretary of the Office.

Transparency’ (Diávgeia)

Supreme Court (Áreios Págos)

Council of State (Symvoúlio tis Epikrateías)

Which types of announcements are published?

National Printing Office: Article 7 of Law 3469/2006.

Transparency: Article 2 of Law 3861/2010.

Supreme Court: civil and criminal court judgments delivered in or after 2007.

Council of State: administrative court judgments.

From which organisation(s) are announcements published?

National Printing Office: Announcements are published by the body concerned, at the request of a public body or a body in the broader public sector.

Transparency: The announcements referred to in Article 2 of Law 3861/2010 are published on the Internet without delay by the body making the announcement.

Supreme Court: Announcements are published by the body concerned.

Council of State: Announcements are published by the body concerned.

Is access to the official announcements free of charge?


What types of searches can be made?

Searches for terms, words or key phrases, register numbers, judgment numbers, issue numbers, themes, categories, types, bodies, dates.

As of which date were the official announcements available in electronic format?

National Printing Office: 1997

Transparency: 2010

Supreme Court: 2007

Council of State: 2016

Can searches be saved and notifications sent when criteria are met?


Are the official announcements freely available as open data? If so, where can the repository and/or technical information be found?

Each body is responsible for the functioning and content of the database of official announcements that it manages. Thus the repository and/or technical information are kept by the relevant bodies in their in-house databases.

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