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About the network

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European Judicial Network
European Judicial Network (in civil and commercial matters)

Members of the EJN in Finland

The contact point for Finland is a designated official who works in the Unit for International Judicial Administration at the Ministry of Justice. The contact point belongs to a unit that acts as the central authority for several EU regulations and international agreements in the field of civil and criminal law. In addition to the work of the Network, the duties of the contact point include central authority tasks and other civil law cooperation. Two district court judges and the Finnish Bar Association have also been appointed as members of the Network. The development of national Network operations is currently underway.

The functioning of the EJN in Finland

The contact point works actively with national judicial authorities, lawyers and other legal professionals. The tasks of the contact point include disseminating information on the legal provisions regarding EU civil and commercial law and their practical application, as well as providing advice and training in related issues. The contact point also helps national judicial authorities in problems related to cross-border requests for assistance and is actively involved in relevant networks and working groups.

The contact point has a separate email address for courts and other legal and administrative authorities involved in judicial cooperation in civil and commercial law matters that need practical assistance in problems related to cross-border cases.

Providing information on the EJN

All courts, legal aid offices, prosecutors, enforcement authorities and Ministry of Justice officials have access to an intranet with comprehensive information on international assistance in civil and criminal matters. The site also contains information on the EJN and its members in Finland and has links to the EJN pages of the European e-Justice Portal. Information on the EJN and materials it publishes are also provided to national judicial authorities and other legal practitioners by email and by post.

The Ministry of Justice’s public website contains a section with information on the various forms of international legal assistance, related legislation and agreements, contact details and instructions. The site also contains information on judicial networks and a link to the EJN pages of the European e-Justice Portal.

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