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1 Existence of a specific small claims procedure

There is no specific procedure for small claims, which are governed by the general provisions on civil proceedings. No hearings are held for claims that are not in excess of EUR 2 000 and only require a simple assessment.

1.1 Scope of procedure, threshold

The procedure is governed by the general provisions on civil proceedings.

1.2 Application of procedure

The procedure is initiated by a motion, with the usual procedure for any kind of motion to initiate proceedings.

1.3 Forms

No specific forms are prescribed.

1.4 Assistance

The parties receive assistance in accordance with the general obligation for courts to advise the parties of their procedural rights and obligations at all times, and of the option of choosing a lawyer or contacting the Centre for Legal Aid (Centrum právnej pomoci).

1.5 Rules concerning the taking of evidence

The procedure is governed by the general provisions on civil proceedings.

1.6 Written procedure

This is usually the same as for other civil proceedings.

1.7 Content of judgment

This is usually the same as for other civil proceedings.

1.8 Reimbursement of costs

This is usually the same as for other civil proceedings.

The court will award a party the legal costs depending on its success in the case. If the party was only partly successful, the court will award legal costs on a pro rata basis or will hold that neither party is entitled to reimbursement for the legal costs. If one party is procedurally responsible for the discontinuation of the proceedings, the court will award the legal costs to the other party. If one party is responsible for the costs of the proceedings that otherwise would not have been incurred, the court will award these costs to the other party. In exceptional circumstances, on grounds deserving special attention, the court will decide not to award the legal costs.

1.9 Possibility to appeal

A party has the option of appealing against a judgment in the usual way for civil proceedings. An appeal may be filed with the court whose decision is being contested within 15 days following service of the decision.

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