Matrimonial matters and matters of parental responsibility


Съдържание, предоставено от


Инструментът за търсене по-долу ще ви помогне да намерите съдилища или органи, компетентни за даден европейски правен инструмент. Моля, имайте предвид, че въпреки че са положени всички усилия да се провери точността на резултатите, може да има изключения при определянето на компетентност, които не са обхванати.


Семейно право — брачни дела и дела, свързани с родителската отговорност

*задължително поле

Article 67 (a)

The names, addresses and means of communication for the central authorities designated pursuant to Article 53:

Bundesamt für Justiz

Zentrale Behörde - Adenauerallee 99 – 103

53113   Bonn

Tel: +49 228 410 5212

Fax: +49 228 410 5401


Article 67 (b)

The languages accepted for communications to central authorities pursuant to Article 57(2): German and English.

Article 67 (c)

The languages accepted for the certificate concerning rights of access and return of the child pursuant to Article 45(2): German.

Articles 21 and 29

The applications provided for by Articles 21 and 29 shall be submitted to the following courts:

- in Germany:

- in the district of the Kammergericht (Berlin), the Familiengericht, Pankow/Weissensee.

- in the districts of the Oberlandesgerichte Braunschweig, Celle and Oldenburg, to the Familiengericht Celle.

- in the districts of the remaining Oberlandesgerichte, to the Familiengericht ocated at the seat of the respective Oberlandesgericht.

Article 33

The appeal provided for by Article 33 shall be lodged with the following courts:

- in Germany, the Oberlandesgericht.

Article 34

The appeals provided for in Article 34 may be brought only:

- in Germany, by a Rechtsbeschwerde.

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