Taking evidence


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Taking evidence

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Article 2 – Requested courts

The requested court that is competent for the taking of evidence in Croatia is:

- the municipal court (općinski sud) in whose territory procedural actions have to be undertaken. This can mean one or more municipal courts with authorisation from the President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia (predsjednik Vrhovnog suda Republike Hrvatske) to take evidence. The court or courts come within the territory of one or more county courts (županijski sudovi).

The list of receiving agencies (prijamna mjesta) in the Republic of Croatia, containing the names, addresses and geographical areas of the competent judicial bodies, can be found in the court database that is accessible from the e-justice portal.

Article 3 – Central body

The central body responsible for (a) supplying information to the courts; (b) seeking solutions to any difficulties which may arise in respect of a request; (c) forwarding, in exceptional cases, at the request of a requesting court, a request to the competent court is:

the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia (Ministarstvo pravosuđa Republike Hrvatske)

Ulica grada Vukovara 49

tel.: +385 1 371 40 00

fax: +385 1 371 45 07

web: http://www.mprh.hr

Article 5 – Languages accepted for completion of the forms

The Republic of Croatia accepts forms in Croatian.

Article 6 – Means accepted for transmission of requests and other communications

Requests and other communications may be transmitted by post (and in exceptional cases by fax or email).

Article 17 – Central body or competent authority(ies) responsible for decisions on requests for direct taking of evidence

Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia

Ulica grada Vukovara 49

10000 Zagreb

tel.: +385 1 371 40 00

fax: +385 1 371 45 07

web: http://www.mprh.hr

Article 21 – Agreements or arrangements to which Member States are parties and which comply with the conditions in Article 21(2)

Relationship with existing or future agreements or arrangements between Member States – agreements or arrangements between the Republic of Croatia and other Member States:

- Agreement between the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Slovenia of 7 February 1994 on legal assistance in civil and criminal matters.

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