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Lo strumento di ricerca seguente aiuterà a identificare i tribunali/le autorità competenti per uno strumento giuridico europeo specifico. Attenzione: nonostante gli sforzi compiuti per verificare l'accuratezza dei risultati, in casi eccezionali non è stato possibile attribuire la competenza.

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Procedure transfrontaliere europee - Controversie di modesta entità

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Article 25 1 (a) Competent courts

The county court is the court competent to provide a judgment in the European Small Claims Procedure in Northern Ireland. The procedure will be dealt with by a district judge.

Article 25 1 (b) Means of communication

The means of communication acceptable by courts in Northern Ireland for the purposes of commencing the European Small Claims Procedure is by first class recorded delivery post.

Article 25 1 (c) Authorities or organisations providing practical assistance

The Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service will provide practical assistance in accordance with Article 11 but cannot offer legal advice on the Regulation.

The Citizens' Advice Bureau or other consumer advice centres operating in Northern Ireland may also be able to provide practical assistance. Further assistance may be available from a solicitor. The Law Society for Northern Ireland can provide contact details for local solicitors.

Article 25 1 (d) Means of electronic service and communication and methods for expressing consent for thereof

No electronic service and communication is technically available and admissible under the procedural rules in Northern Ireland. The means of communication is by first class recorded delivery post.

Article 25 1(e) Persons or professions, obliged to accept service of documents or other written communications by electronic means

There will be no obligation on any person in Northern Ireland to accept service by electronic means.

Article 25 1 (f) Court fees and the methods of payment

No court fees are currently payable in respect of the European Small Claims Procedure in Northern Ireland. The position is, however, under review.

Article 25 1 (g) Appeal procedure and courts competent for an appeal

No appeal is available against an order given under the European Small Claims procedure in Northern Ireland.

Article 25 1 (h) Review of the judgment procedure and courts competent to conduct such a review

An application should be lodged with the court that issued the judgment. The county court is the competent court for such a review in Northern Ireland.

Article 25 1 (i) Accepted languages

The official language acceptable pursuant to Article 21(a)(1) is English.

Article 25 1 (j) Authorities competent for enforcement

The competent authority for the purposes of the application of Article 23 will be the Enforcement of Judgments Office and the Master, Enforcement of Judgments. As is the case in domestic small claim procedure it will be the responsibility of the successful party in the European Small Claims Procedure to arrange for enforcement of the court's order.

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