Mutual recognition of protection measures in civil matters

Article 17 - Information made available to the public

Моля, имайте предвид, че оригиналната езикова версия на тази страница чешки е била наскоро променена. Езиковата версия, която търсите, в момента се подготвя от нашите преводачи.

Информацията не е достъпна

Article 18 (a)(i) - the authorities which are competent to order protection measures and issue certificates in accordance with Article 5

District courts

Article 18 (a)(ii) - the authorities before which a protection measure ordered in another Member State is to be invoked and/or which are competent to enforce such a measure

District courts

Article 18 (a)(iii) - the authorities which are competent to effect the adjustment of protection measures in accordance with Article 11(1)

District courts

Article 18 (a)(iv) - the courts to which the application for refusal of recognition and, where applicable, enforcement is to be submitted in accordance with Article 13

District courts

Article 18 (b) - the language or languages accepted for translations as referred to in Article 16(1)

Czech language or the Slovak language

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