Victims' rights - by country

Can I appeal against the ruling?

Victims may appeal against the ruling in a public prosecution if they acted as auxiliary prosecutor.

If criminal proceedings against the offender have been conditionally discontinued and a ruling is handed down in court, the victim may appeal against it even if they did not act as auxiliary prosecutor.

Victims may appeal against a judgment in a private prosecution because in such cases they act as prosecutor.

What are my rights after sentencing?

If the offender is ordered to make good the damage, the court issues a copy of the sentence to the victim. If an offender who receives a suspended prison sentence does not make good the damage, the victim may apply for the sentence to be served.

If criminal proceedings against the offender have been conditionally discontinued, the victim is entitled to take part in the hearing for the resumption of proceedings.

Am I entitled to support or protection after the trial? For how long?

After the completion of proceedings, victims are entitled to protection and support if their life or health, or that of or their next of kin, is at risk.Protection and support are provided as long as there is a risk.

What information will I be given if the offender is sentenced?

The court will provide the victim with the information included in the sentence – to what punishment the offender has been sentenced, what the length of sentence is and whether it has been conditionally suspended, and what obligations, including making good the damage, have been imposed upon the offender.

Will I be told if the offender is released (including early or conditional release) or escapes from prison?

Victims may ask to be informed when the offender is released from prison. The victim will be then notified when the offender is released from prison after he/she has served the sentence, if the offender is allowed to serve the sentence under electronic surveillance, or if he/she escapes from prison, is granted leave or parole or temporarily released.

Will I be involved in release or parole decisions? For example, can I make a statement or lodge an appeal?

Victims do not take part in parole hearings and cannot appeal against these decisions.

Last update: 20/11/2018

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