Victims' rights - by country

You can claim damages from the offender by making a claim in civil law. You can submit your civil claim as part of the criminal proceedings, during the investigation or during the trial. By submitting your claim you join the criminal proceedings as a civil party (politikós enágon). You can claim financial compensation for damage to your property and/or for moral harm and pain and suffering. You can add to your claim all the expenses you have incurred in relation to the case (lawyers’ fees, bailiffs’ fees, travel expenses, etc.).

If the court finds the offender guilty, it will order him or her to pay you compensation. In practice, this compensation is most often symbolic, and less than the actual damage you have suffered. For the remainder you have to bring a separate action in a civil court.

Alternatively, you can bring your claim directly in the civil court. The civil court will order the offender to pay compensation that corresponds to the actual damage you have suffered.

If you have a claim pending before a civil court, you can re-submit it within the framework of criminal proceedings; the case before the civil court will then be closed.

If you are a victim of violent crime committed intentionally, you are entitled to compensation from the State.. Please consult the factsheet on compensation to crime victims in Greece (available in English, Greek and other languages) of the European Judicial Network (restorative justice).

Last update: 24/06/2019

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