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This section helps you to find a mediator in Spain.

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How to find a mediator in Spain

Under Law 5/2012 on mediation in civil and commercial matters, mediators must have an official university or advanced vocational training qualification and specific training in mediation acquired through attending one or more specific courses taught by officially recognised institutions. These qualifications must be valid throughout Spain.

The laws and implementing provisions of certain Autonomous Communities specify the required training for family mediation. As a general rule, mediators are required to have at least a university diploma plus 100-300 course hours of practical training in mediation.

Specific mediation training is usually provided by university institutes and professional associations, e.g. of psychologists or lawyers.

There is no single register of mediators. There are several ways of finding specialised mediators:

  • For criminal law cases, the parties must ask the court to appoint a mediator
  • For employment law cases, the mediator can sometimes be selected from the list of mediators of the relevant body
  • For family law cases, mediators are appointed by the agency in question with the court, although it is also possible for the parties to have recourse to a qualified mediator
  • It is possible to contact a family mediator through the various professional associations that keep a register or list (the bar associations and professional associations of psychologists, social workers and trainers).

Until now it has been the Autonomous Communities which require the associations to keep these lists.

Is access to the databases of mediators free of charge?

There is no national register. In any case, access to the lists of the professional associations is free of charge.

How to find a mediator in Spain

You can contact the relevant professional association for information on registered mediators.

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