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Bankruptcy and insolvency registers

Greece has no website for insolvency registers. We are in the process of designing the digitisation of our databases and their electronic interface.

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What does the Greek insolvency register offer?

According to Greek legislation, insolvency procedures are:

  • bankruptcy (Articles 1-61 of Law 3588/2007, Article 13(1)-(4) of Law 4013/2011, Article 22(1) of Law 4055/2012);
  • special liquidation with continued operation (ειδική εκκαθάριση εν λειτουργία) (Article 106k of Law 3588/2007, Article 12 of Law 4013/2011);
  • pre-bankruptcy resolution (προπτωχευτική διαδικασία εξυγίανσης) (Articles 70-101 of Law 3588/2007, Article 22(2) of Law 4055/2012, Articles 116(3) and 234(1)-(3) of Law 4072/1012);
  • restructuring plans (Articles 109-123 of Law 3588/2007, Article 34(1) of Law 3858/2010);
  • the simplified procedure for minor bankruptcies (απλοποιημένη διαδικασία επί πτωχεύσεων μικρού αντικειμένου) (Articles 162-163 of Law 3588/2007);

The local district civil courts (ειρηνοδικεία) are responsible for considering cases and issuing decisions on requests involving bankruptcy of natural persons.

The local courts of first instance (πρωτοδικεία) are responsible for considering cases and issuing decisions on requests involving bankruptcy of associations (προσωπικές εταιρίες), limited partnerships (ετερόρρυθμες εταιρίες), general partnerships (ομόρρυθμες εταιρίες), private capital companies (ιδιωτικές κεφαλαιουχικές εταιρίες), limited liability companies (εταιρίες περιορισμένης ευθύνης), public limited companies (ανώνυμες εταιρίες), European companies and European cooperative societies.

The General Trade Register (Γενικό Εμπορικό ΜητρώοΓΕΜΗ) at the local chambers of commerce is responsible for issuing the necessary certificates for bankruptcy procedures.

Is access to the Greek insolvency register free of charge?

No such possibility exists.

How to search the Greek insolvency register

History of the Greek insolvency register

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